The Kitchen

The mountain is not just snow and crags, ridges, streams, lakes, pastures. The mountain is a way of living life. One step in front of the other, silence time and measure
Traditional cuisine and more


We cannot reveal our secrets, but we can awaken your curiosity....
Here are some dishes you can enjoy if you go up to the Miserin refuge: Seuppa alla valpellenetse, Crêpes with rye flour, Chestnuts in wine, butter and lard....
You may also find the Piemontese Bagna Caoda or the Savoyard Tartiflette, as well as the ever-present polenta dishes, sided by stew, sausage or cheese.
Local products

Short supply chain

The short supply chain is characterised by a limited and circumscribed number of production and commercial steps. The main aim of this supply chain is to contain and reduce the consumer costs of products, preferring the local ones.
At Miserin refuge, an attempt to use as many products as possible derived from this type of economic model is made. Flour, cakes, cheeses, small fruits and other products are purchased directly from companies in the Champorcher Valley or the lower part of Aosta Valley.